New Paxman Compact Valve Section

A lighter weight valve section has been offered as an option on Paxman horns for many years. Both hollow and titanium rotors have featured in the past as a means of reducing the weight of any instrument, something which was particularly beneficial on triple horns.

The Paxman Compact Valve Section was introduced in 2016 to replace the previous option of titanium rotors on all Paxman horns. It was developed to offer a weight saving similar to that of titanium, but with all the benefits of regular brass rotors, (being easy to work with, familiar to repair shops etc). However, in developing the compact section, it became clear during testing that there were a number of other benefits as well.

The principal feature of the section is a rotor diameter reduced by approximately 2mm and a shortening of the slide legs. This not only offers a weight reduction over the regular full size brass section, but the smaller rotors result in a shorter travel of the levers, enabling a faster valve action, rapid articulation and making the instrument feel more precise.

Tonally, the compact section retains the core sound associated with Paxman horns, remaining full, centred and rich. The compact section is available across the Paxman professional range and is fitted as standard to all triple and descant horns.

Because the materials are the same as those used in a regular section, there is no additional cost associated with the compact section. A horn built with a compact section will have a C after the serial number.

Demand for these sections is high, so please contact Paxman for delivery times or to register an interest.

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