Paxman 33 Paxman 33
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The model 33 is ideal for those players who mainly use the Bb horn as it enables the design of the best possible Bb side, with the compensating F side having the complete range of notes available on the full double horn.

The system predates the first full doubles and works by having a standard set of Bb slides to tune each valve, but instead of a full set of independent slides for the F horn, there is simply the difference in length between that required for the F horn and the equivalent Bb slide. This means that when (for example) a first valve fingering on the F horn is used, the air travels through the Bb slide and also the short F slide, together making up the length of an independent F slide on a full double horn. The advantage of this system is that the horn is lighter than a full double, as less tubing is required. It also allows for different wraps with the emphasis on making the Bb horn play as well as it possibly can, whilst still having all the options of the full double horn. The compromise is that when changing the slide position on the Bb horn, the F side is also affected.

The Model 33 was designed to meet the requirements of two of London’s top horn players, and has a single storey F/Bb change valve which minimises airflow disruption on both sides of the instrument. This is a superbly responsive horn which comes with a stopping valve as standard.

When designing this instrument, it became apparent that same design could be used for a compensating triple horn and this resulted in the model 83

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  • Bore: M-medium ML-medium/large L-large
  • Metal: Y-yellow brass G-gold brass N-nickel silver
  • Bell Flare: F-fixed D-detatchable
  • Lever Action: C-cord M-Minibal
  • Valve Section: S-standard C-compact
  • Pitch: A-442 unless otherwise specified
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