Paxman Dual Bore System

In all the years that Paxman have been manufacturing horns, it has been our constant endeavour to respond to the needs and wishes of players. This has led us to the introduction of the dual-bore system, which is perhaps the most important innovation since the advent of the double horn almost a century ago.

When playing the standard double horns that have existed since 1898 it was, and still is, necessary to adjust to the differing acoustical resistance which is inherent in the differing lengths of the cylindrical portion of the tubing.

Paxman have developed the dual-bore system as a solution to this problem. We have enlarged the diameter of all the F-basso cylindrical tubing, and slightly modified the layout to incorporate this feature. The result of these changes has been a considerable reduction in the resistance of the F horn, matching it to the Bb side of the instrument.

After full double and compensating double models were produced with the dual-bore system, an obvious further development was to introduce full triple and compensating triple horns with the enlarged F-basso side.

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