Paxman Centenary Model 20C Full Double Horn
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As part of Paxman’s 2019 centenary celebrations, we decided to build a limited edition double horn as well as the Heritage triple launched earlier in the year. The model 20 has long been the mainstay of our range of double horns and was the obvious choice for this project.

Unlike the Heritage triple, this model does not refer back to a previous design. Instead, it uses the same valve section and design as the regular model 20, with the principal change being made to the bell.

Whilst the profile of the bell is still the standard Paxman Medium, the Centenary double features a hand-hammered bell flare which was sourced from Germany after extensive trials and testing.

Paxman 20C detail

This hand hammered yellow brass bell retains the traditional rich Paxman sound, but gives a more immediate response, allowing the player increased feedback of the sound quality they produce. This results in better awareness from the player of how the instrument is responding, leading to more security and control.

Paxman centenary model 20C detail

There are also some cosmetic changes to the Centenary double (see photos above). The valve caps are the same design as the Heritage triple and the screw ring is nickel silver plated, clearly distinguishing this horn from the regular model 20. Each instrument will be numbered as one of a limited edition and comes with a specially made MB5 compact case.

With only 20 of these special Centenary Double horns available, please contact Paxman if you wish to reserve one. It is not only a chance to own an exceptional version of this world class instrument, but also a chance to own a special part of Paxman history.



  • Bore: M-medium
  • Metal: Y-yellow brass
  • Bell Flare: D-detatchable HH-hand hammered
  • Lever Action: C-cord
  • Valve Section: S-standard
  • Pitch: A-442 unless otherwise specified
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