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With the increasing popularity of traditional Geyer/Knopf wrap instruments in recent years, we have frequently been asked if we would design and build a Paxman horn in this style. The result is the model 27 which is a true Geyer/Knopf wrapped horn, an instrument which retains many Paxman characteristics whilst satisfying the needs of those looking to play this style of horn.

After much experimentation and testing, both in the Paxman workshop and in the 'real world' of professional orchestras, a combination of a custom made mouthpipe and either of the ever popular M or ML bells was found to be the most suitable for this horn. This gives it an open feel, whilst retaining a warmth to the sound that does not break up, even at fortissimo levels. The compact valve section and resulting fast valve action make this model feel precise and centred, whilst retaining the free blowing aspects of the wrap that make it so popular.

The bells are the standard Paxman bells with the same bend and hoop size, keeping the model 27 compact in the hand, well balanced and smaller than many other Geyer style horns. All of the cylindrical tubing is the traditional 12mm Paxman diameter, with the rotor ports slightly enlarged to make for smoother slurring and ease of change between the F and Bb sides of the horn.

Whilst the model 27 represents a change from the traditional Paxman double horn, it retains the characteristic warmth and power of our other instruments. We have developed this horn in order to offer players who would not have previously considered Paxman the chance to play the wrap of their choice and to experience the many benefits of playing Paxman horns.

The model 27 is available lacquered or unlacquered and with a range of case options.
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  • Bell: M-medium ML-medium/large
  • Metal: Y-yellow brass
  • Bell Flare: D-detatchable
  • Lever Action: C-cord
  • Valve Section: C-compact
  • Pitch: A-442 unless otherwise specified
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