Paxman Model 75.3H Full Triple Horn
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To commemorate the centenary of Paxman, we wanted to build a special instrument which both harked back to an older, original Paxman design and at the same time incorporated the latest modern innovations. The result is the model 75.3 Heritage full triple horn. Built in Yellow brass with a Medium, detachable bell, this instrument is based on the older style Paxman triple horns designed and built in the 1960s-1980s but has many features not possible, or not yet imagined, when this style of horn was previously built.

Paxman 75.3H detail

The innovation of different bore sizes for each side, first introduced by Bob Paxman for double horns in the 1980s and for triples in the late 1990s, makes for an even response and feel from the low end of the F basso side, right up to the top of the range on the f-alto.

The use of CNC lathes for the machining of the valves means that the tolerances are much tighter than was possible in the past, making this a more efficient and reliable instrument.

The use of the compact valve section, combined with hollow rotors make it a light and exceptionally well balanced instrument, whilst retaining enough mass to produce a rich core to the sound in all registers.

Paxman 75.3H engraving

As a special feature of the anniversary model, the bell flare has been engraved with a unique design to commemorate the centenary. The same design is incorporated into the special MB5 compact case that is supplied with each horn.

Paxman 75.3H detail

Also for the anniversary model, an old engraving for the valve caps has been used.

As a special limited edition, the number of these anniversary instruments has been limited to twelve and each horn is numbered on the main stay by the serial number.

As the company which first introduced the triple horn in the 1960s, we trust that this latest model will continue our tradition of offering some of the finest horns in the world.


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  • Bore: M-medium
  • Metal: Y-yellow brass
  • Bell Flare: D-detatchable
  • Lever Action: C-cord
  • Valve Section: C-compact and hollow
  • Pitch: A-442 unless otherwise specified
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